Want to look and feel awesome? Support your favourite DJ? Own something unique that expresses who you are, impresses your friends, gets you props from the guys and gals on the street and in the dance... Maybe even attract a special someone?

DJ Rap herself loves wearing these tees, whether at home or out partying.  That's why she lined up this collab between Propa Talent and WeAdmire.
These t-shirts don't just look cool. They even keep you cooler, at the beach, on your travels, behind the decks, or clubbing all night. After party? No sweat!  Because these are no ordinary tees. Here's why:
They're made exclusively from a fibre called CoolMax Fresh FX, which exploits the surface tension of water to wick moisture from your skin. It works through micro channels engineered into the fibre, which are embedded with silver to kill bacteria that cause bad odours. Because the silver is embedded within the fibre it, like the wicking, is permanent; it will not leech out with wear and washing. The result is that these shirts remain cool, dry and fresh almost regardless of what you might do in them. These shirts will become your favourite items of apparel, you will want to wear your shirts again and again and again.

These exclusive limited edition t-shirts, as worn by DJ Rap, are printed to order – so please expect delivery in 4 to 5 working days.

Size guide (inches):


Because of the special fabric and how they're made, these t-shirts come in larger than most tees.  Check the size guide above – you may need one size SMALLER than you usually do. (You can tell everyone you lost weight!)

Please note these tees are printed to order - please expect delivery in 4 to 5 working days.

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